Certified Cannabis seeks injunction to stop LDAF

Certified Cannabis (tradename of Reactwell, L.L.C.) is seeking an injunction to stop the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry from testing medical marijuana under the emergency powers it granted itself, as part of Certified Cannabis’s efforts to require the LDAF to follow the rules and select an independent laboratory to ensure the citizens of Louisiana […]

LDAF department testing medical marijuana is ‘irreconcilable conflict of interest’

Certified Cannabis has filed suit against the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry over its failure to award a bid for testing medical marijuana. In the suit, we are asking for the LDAF to follow its bid proposal and award the bid to the lowest responsible bidder. We are confident that will be Certified Cannabis. […]

Our Story

In 2018 Certified Cannabis®  was created in response to structurally slow issues within the State of Louisiana’s government agency, LDAF, in charge of the Medical Marijuana industry activation. The LDAF mission has been ongoing for four years with false flag operations stating the non-existence of test laboratories in the state, while the government in parallel […]