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In 2018 Certified Cannabis®  was created in response to structurally slow issues within the State of Louisiana’s government agency, LDAF, in charge of the Medical Marijuana industry activation. The LDAF mission has been ongoing for four years with false flag operations stating the non-existence of test laboratories in the state, while the government in parallel builds out its’ own internal testing laboratory with tax payer dollars, thereby duplicating a resource, which is compounded by structural inefficiencies associated with any on-average government entity. However, the truth is that there are quality test laboratories available in the state today and the state’s false flag operations have resulted in Louisiana patients suffering due to delays in medical marijuana [2]. Certified Cannabis welcomes a fact based discussion on this issue. Startups are messy, most people forget this fact when doing something new. Let our proven and experienced startup team help you succeed. The latest industry numbers indicate that it is taking the state several months to do work that private industry accomplishes in just three days [1]. Additionally, businesses that allocated capital in preparation of the industry based upon legislation four years ago have still not been able to sell a single product within the new industry [2].

We are medical doctors, chemical engineers and chemists that disapprove of the current state of Louisiana’s dysfunctional Medical Marijuana industry.

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Qualified Sources referencing LDAF inefficiencies and duplication resources paid for by taxpayers:
[1] https://www.watchdog.org/louisiana/more-than-two-years-after-laws-were-changed-still-no/article_86f2832c-fda8-11e8-b53e-9b1b2c0beb9f.html 

[2] https://www.nola.com/opinions/2018/12/louisiana-patients-are-suffering-because-of-delays-in-medical-marijuana.html

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