Our Mission

Certified Cannabis® was formed to address structural issues challenging the Cannabis industry across medical, recreational and value-added product lines derived from the agricultural crop. The alignment of consumer expectations with quality when purchasing a product carrying the Certified Cannabis label is our core mission. Certified Cannabis is the certifying authority whose membership is available to government agencies, laboratories and industry. When the public sees the Certified Cannabis label on a product, they can rest assured their product is tested for quality assurance and quality control to the most rigorous standards for public health, safety and environmental compliance, backed by a transparent seed to sale system of record.

Example: CBD Oil being sold does not have the Certified Cannabis seal of approval. This means the CBD Oil has not been tested by a Certified Cannabis member for concentration and purity. You could be purchasing an item with a trace amount of CBD Oil in it. 

Pesticides are not allowed in the cultivation of Cannabis when sold for medical and other uses through an established and safe regulatory framework. The equipment utilized to test for Pesticides requires a triple-quad GC-MS and LC-MS, but this equipment is expensive and not all labs have it. 

Example: Test laboratory XYZ is responsible for the testing of pesticides in a Cannabis derived product, but they don’t have a well maintained triple quad or may not even have a triple quad at all due to the high cost and in lieu opt for site inspection. Certified Cannabis will not issue a label when this laboratory applies for certification. Additionally, Certified Cannabis has a real-time Qa/Qc system that monitors state of compliance at member facilities. If a member’s testing laboratory is found to be out of compliance, as determined by our AI, then a notification is sent out to our internal team for review. If deemed to be out of compliance upon qualified human review, then industry, consumers and states are notified immediately.

Potential new Certified Cannabis members should complete our membership application and select government agency, industry or test laboratory role.